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One Day Retreat

Finding your best rhythm: 

a Pilates mini day retreat 


Sat 20 May 2023
09h30 - 16h30

Lowlands, Hayman's Green, West Derby Village

Lunch and snacks included

Equipment provided

Take-away notes and goodies included

Indulge in a whole day dedicated to finding the rhythm and movements of your body

Learn the relationship between hips, lower back and shoulders

Find out how your posture is aligned

Check your feet and gait pattern

Understand how pain and misalignment can impact your movement

Nurture your body with the best Pilates exercises to maintain great movement

Yoga Class
Walking to Yoga class

Itinerary for the day

9:30am arrive and prepare for the day

Warm up exercise session

Delving into the details of movement around feet, hips and gait pattern

Lunch break

Focus on the relationship between hips, lower back and shoulders within your movement

Tea and snack break

(+ an optional private 10 minutes of questions)

Rounding off the day with great movement and stretch

Close around 4/4:30pm
(+ the option of a private 10 minutes of questions)

Spread the cost

The first 5 spaces are £65 and thereafter £75 per person.

If the day sounds ideal and you prefer to spread the cost, just get in touch to book and request the spread option.

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