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Less is more

Someone recently commented to me that they are missing the recent lockdown measures that we experienced during the Covid pandemic. At first thought, that is a crazy statement especially when one considers just how traumatic the pandemic was for so many millions of people across the globe. But then I pause for more thought and realize what the person is really saying. What they miss is the slow pace of life. During the lockdown we had no choice but to stay at home, be quiet and still and there was absolutely no worry of what we might be missing out there in the world as nobody was going anywhere or doing anything.

So does our life really need to be an all or nothing? Perhaps that is the very essence of the concept of “less is more”? We all have people and events in our lives that are significant or important to us meaning we will be busy with activities to celebrate or mark these special times. We all have a degree of demands on our time and resources and, in our modern lives, the need to create an income that allows us to move about in our activities. But what if we could create a more even balance between having nothing to do, nowhere to go and being so flat out busy all the time that we pass ourselves in the doorway?

Let us take a deep breath in and out. Yes, it is probably true that it will take considerable effort and work to make time and space in our schedule to sit quietly, doing only the things that make us feel relaxed. But the benefits of slowing down, shortening the task list, and aiming to achieve a bit less will be worth every effort.

Our lives, our bodies and our minds are as intricately woven as the physical make up of our human form and the delicate balance of each element. The interconnectedness of each part of our being means that by slowing down, doing a bit less will bring a whole range of benefits.

The physical benefits of being less stressed, breathing more deeply, and eliminating tension speak volumes. Lowered blood pressure, less illness, more energy, feeling more healthy, and not to mention way better odds at controlling or eliminating serious conditions such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and more. By doing less, we actually create a physical body that is far more capable, stronger and longer lasting.

The mental benefits of creating space in our lives also touches a very topical subject, mental health. Deep breathing can greatly reduce tension, anxiety and fatigue. Taking time out of a busy social or work schedule allows the space for journaling, meditation, gentle exercise that helps us to connect with ourselves mentally and emotionally. This is vital to keeping ourselves whole, healthy and vital for us to be able to be fully present for all of those special ones around us.

Tie the physical and mental profits of packing less into our lives means that every aspect of that life becomes better. We are better able to achieve quality results at work, at our workouts or on our projects. We are better able to consider those around us, be there for those who need our help or simply be better participants in the celebrations. We are better able to connect with ourselves which allows better connection with what really matters to us. And that helps to focus on creating more space for less things but the things and people that truly are our whole world.

Imagine a whole world that was filled with people who took care of their whole world in the best possible way!

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