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Master your health and well-being

Usually, it’s New Year that brings about resolutions to embark on healthier habits but long, cold winter nights make it excruciatingly hard to keep up. In summer, however, it’s far easier to done your trainers, eat greenery and drink plenty water. So, do it now! Convert yourself into a fitter, healthier, brighter version.

Eating better

Although one could argue that these four areas are intertwined, it’s food that is the obvious place to start your new health kick. Embrace the wonderful array of vegetables, salad ingredients and fruit. Swap your usual carbohydrate options for things like couscous or quinoa, or buy different shaped pasta for easy, fun ways to mix things up.

Grilled, barbequed or steamed, seafood is always a winner in summer so love the produce from the sea. Use the longer evenings to make your own sweet snacks; it’s much easier to manage your sugar consumption.

Regular exercise

There are endless good reasons to exercise regularly. NHS guidelines say that we should include a combination of aerobic activity as well as strength training. Try combining exercise with daily activities, this will save you time and provide opportunities to spend quality time with family and friends. Exercise is a mood regulator so fall in love with the energetic, healthy feeling that regular activity gives you.

Drinking more

Our bodies are nearly two thirds water so it’s imperative to keep fluid levels topped up. This helps keep the body nourished and functioning well both inside and out. All liquid drinks contribute to fluid intake but plain water is calorie free so it’s the best choice.

Time out

A less obvious aid to health but it’s vital to find ways to de-stress. Regularly taking time to relax both body and mind is imperative to recharge energy levels and remain positive. Relaxation leads to better productivity too which keeps the boss happy at work and will help cross off the long to do list at home.

Good sleep patterns have been scientifically proven to contribute to positive health and laughter is noted as a key means to unwind, boost mood and relieve tension. The physical benefits of relaxing include a lower heart rate, decreased blood pressure, slower breathing, reduced muscle tension and increased blood flow to the muscles. And this brings me back to exercise.

Be motivated! Master your health and well-being!

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