Class Timetable

Our classes are open to everybody regardless of fitness. We aim to create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere in each class and include exercises for all levels of ability. 

Our regular class schedule offers plenty to choose from: in person classes, online classes for those who prefer the comfort of home, or book a bespoke 121 session just for you. See our full schedule below.

Booking is essential for all classes: please send us a text at 07725147411 or send us an email at

If you need additional details or need to ask how the exercises can be modified for your specific requirements please get in touch.

Our regular class schedule

In person classes

Tuesday 9:30am

Elm Hall Dr Methodist Church

Tuesday 5:30pm

Ullet Road Unitarian Church

Thursday 10:30am

Ullet Road Unitarian Church

Thursday 7pm

Lowlands, West Derby

Friday 10am

Kiwi Fit, Crosby

Online classes

Monday 9:30am

Wake up and move

Monday 6:30pm

A bit of all sorts

Wednesday 9:30am

Gentle flow and healthy posture

Thursday 5:30pm

Mixed bag of fun

Private 121 time

Book a time and date that suits your schedule.

Monday 10:30am or 11:30am


Tuesday 4pm

In person

Wednesday 10:30am


Thursday 11:30am

In person

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